structure of love
structure of love

The prayer of forgiveness we prayed was short, just a handful of sentences. It went something like this:

Dear Heavenly Father, I purpose and choose to forgive (whoever has hurt me) for (what they did to hurt me). I cancel their debt to me. I cancel the enemy’s authority over me in this situation. Forgive me Lord, for agreeing with the spirit of bitterness against this person. I thank You that You forgive me. And I ask Your Holy Spirit to show me the truth about this situation.

Art Mathias, the speaker, then had everyone be quiet, and listen to see if the Holy Spirit had anything to say. Then he asked people to share what they heard. Many people heard different Scriptures. Others heard a phrase, like ‘I love you’ or ‘everything is OK now’ or ‘forgiven’. What these people heard seemed to be very special and meaningful to them. It was really encouraging to me.

Most of the forgiveness prayers that were prayed over that 3 day seminar were to forgive parents. It was sobering and sad for me to realize how much many people were carrying around this hurt in their hearts because of experiences with parents.

I personally, felt that I had already forgiven my parents for everything already, but I still prayed each prayer that was for someone else’s parents and I said the prayer for my own parents. And it was strange and surprising to me, but I actually felt something in my heart, like a release of something, and I felt lighter each time I said the prayer.

One of the best things that I took away from this seminar was that I practically memorized the prayer of forgiveness by the time it was over. I found that I almost had a knee-jerk reaction to being offended, by quickly saying this prayer. I mean, wow, that was pretty amazing!

I found myself saying the prayer in my car, forgiving rude drivers.

I found myself saying the prayer at home, forgiving hurtful words from my family.

I don’t know how long after that I realized how very good it was for me to have the opportunity to hear this prayer over and over, and speak it over and over – so many times that I actually memorized it and actually set in motion the beginning of a very valuable habit.

To be continued on Day 4.

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