This week’s free printable is a Pink (and Taupe) Shabby Chic Week Planner Page, and is free printable #16 of 52 that I have planned for the year. This is a weekly planner page I have made for myself just recently to keep myself organized and productive.

Every once in awhile my organization system falls apart and I have to come up with a new system, or planner page. I am actually still in the mode of getting my life back together after it fell apart in many ways from recent difficulties including breast cancer treatment for 11 months. I have yet to come up with a system that deals with all the areas I am trying to put back together, but this pink planner page is working well for me right now.  Cute or pretty is always a good thing, in my opinion, and I am really loving these shabby pink flowery images.


Free Printable! Shabby Chic Weekly Planner Page
  • Circle the month and year
  • Write in the dates for Sunday through Saturday
  • Four spaces per day for appointments (you can designate one for Dinner Planning)
  • Eight hearts to check off for eight glasses of water per day
  • Five hearts to check off for the Top 5 for each day
Free Pretty Printable - Shabby Chic Weekly Planner Page
  • To Do List for the week (14 hearts)
  • Six areas of life (with 6 hearts for each):
    • Spiritual
    • Loving & Caring for Me
    • My Family & Home
    • Organizing
    • My Finances
    • My Business
  • Four categories at the very bottom (with 6 hearts each):
    • To Buy
    • To Call/Email/Text
    • Errands
    • To Do On Computer
Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things! Free Pretty Weekly Planner Page Printable!
  • And lastly, two inspirational quotes at the bottom:
    • She decided to start living the life she imagined
    • Beautiful Girl, you can do hard things

We are almost halfway done with 2016!  So here’s to a productive week, month & rest of the year to you, and many years to come.

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May you be blessed with clear vision for your goals, energy and inspiration to achieve them, and perseverance and determination when things get tough.


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