During my first experiments with watercolor blobs, I painted a star that I saw in my mind, and I tried it out, but it didn’t come out quite right. I tried it again, this time sketching out in pencil a rough outline of the image.

About that time, I kept receiving prayers and prophetic words about whirlwinds. And, I had been flagging with my beautiful tie dyed silk flags for awhile by then, and people were commenting on how it looked like whirlwinds. So whirlwinds became special to me.

The image I saw of the star was a star that was twirling and swirling out of a whirlwind of many colors. So that was what I painted.

I experimented with the colors to try to make each area of the star and portions of the whirlwind to have dark areas and light areas. I have had no training with watercolors, so I was amazed at how happy I was with the result. It looked beautiful to me. I love it.

It was still near the first of the year about that time, and I had been asking God and myself what was my Word Of The Year? What word was I to focus on this year? What word was resonating with me?

The word that kept coming to me was: FLY.

So I decided to use my whirlwind star artwork to make a Word Of The Year poster for myself.

First I scanned my watercolor painting of the whirlwind star.

Then I looked up the word FLY in the dictionary and several thesauruses, as well as a favorite writing reference book I have called The Synonym Finder. I made a list of all definitions, synonyms and synonym phrases that jumped out and resonated with me.

My Word Of The Year
My Word Of The Year Poster

This Word Of The Year poster came out really nice, and I am really inspired to look at it. Many of these words and phrases help me and inspire me in my cancer battle.

May you receive and find words that inspire you and give you strength in your battles.  May you FLY out of your difficult places.  May you defy your difficulties. May you find your Word that inspires you, encourages you, gives you strength.

Do you do have a Word Of The Year? How do you display your Word Of The Year?


Author: Erica

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