This is another piece of artwork that emerged from my breast cancer experience, and is the second art journal spread project I started from the Art, Heart and Healing free online art class.  I named this one ‘Claiming Space’.

Again, I used only pencil and the watercolor pallet I had. I implemented the shading techniques that Tam explains in her free class.

The negative words that came out of me onto the paper were all about feelings that I wasn’t allowed to take up space in this world. And yes, it was true, I did feel that way.

I became aware of this slowly in the years just before I got my breast cancer diagnosis.

My Cancer Artwork: Claiming Space

This is a big awareness for me, because it helped me to see that not only was I NOT allowing myself to take up space in the world, I was also allowing ‘things’ to invade my space. I wasn’t allowing it on purpose, or even consciously, but somehow I was allowing it.

I think for me, it was more like I was ‘bullied’ into giving up my space for these other things. I am not sure yet how all of this happened, and I am still figuring out all the dynamics and details, but I realize I had become afraid of confrontation and of standing up for myself, and saying NO.

I was very much a ‘go with the flow’ type of person. But I didn’t recognize when the ‘flow’ was not good for me, or was hurting me.

I am learning to recognize it.

I felt like I wasn’t allowed to take up space in the world. I had to yield to everyone else and everything else. Maybe even yielding to cancer, on some level, unknowingly.

But I am learning to take up my space.

I am here on this earth for a reason. I have things to do that only I can do. And I need space and resources to do them.

It is OK to take up SPACE.

And I will claim my space back from the cancer that invaded my body. I claim it back.

May we find the courage, the ability, and the freedom to take up all the space we need to fulfill our life purpose and calling. May we find ourselves standing up for ourselves when we need to. May we confront things that try to invade and take from our purpose and calling. May we claim back our space, and claim back our lives, from all negative things that try to push or pull or invade our lives. May we take up all the space we need, may we attract and receive all the resources and connections we need, may we fulfill our purposes and callings here on earth.

Huge and mighty blessings to you!

Author: Erica

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