DSCN0921My mammogram and biopsy appointment was within a week of my exam. All the medical workers were very kind, which I am appreciating so much.

I had to have a mammogram again, which was ok, but this technician was not quite as gentle as the first one. Just a bit more painful this time. It seemed she squeezed my breast a bit more than the previous technician. Or maybe the lump was a bit more sensitive this time. Either way, it was tolerable, and it didn’t last long.

Then they did an ultrasound on the lumps. This was totally painless. Then I waited a bit, for I was going to have a biopsy next.

The biopsy was not such a bad experience for me. I laid down next to an ultrasound machine, and the doctor used some kind of device that reminded me a bit of an ear piercing gun, with the sound it made while taking a tissue sample. I didn’t actually look at it, though.

The doctor took about 5 samples, it seemed it was 3 from one lump and 2 from the other. She gave me an injection of a local anesthetic which numbed the area first, and then she inserted the gun-like tool and took samples. This tool would pop while it cut the sample of tissue.

One time she popped it, it hurt. I guess it went beyond the area of anesthetic. So I said, ‘ouch!’ and she injected a bit more anesthetic quickly, and it felt fine quite quickly after that.

I didn’t feel any more pain, and I felt quite fine the entire biopsy. But then for some reason, at the very end of it when the doctor was finished, I began to feel very light-headed and awful, like my blood pressure was lowering. They brought for me some cranberry juice to drink, which I managed to do though it was hard while feeling so awful. I think it took a good 15-20 minutes before I was feeling well enough to sit up. The nurses were so nice and helpful.

I thought I was going to be able to take my daughter to music lessons later in the day, but I was very mistaken about that. I felt awful for a good 24 hours. And I was sore in the area of incision for several days, maybe even a week. I bruised quite badly in my armpit, though not so much on my breast.

I missed my weekly prayer/worship meeting the next morning too, due to not feeling so well. I was disappointed because I love to go. I usually dance in worship there, and there was no way I was going to be able to do that with the soreness.

Within about 2 days I was back to doing things almost normally, except for the soreness in my armpit and breast. And I was told they would give me the results in a few days.

If you are facing a biopsy, or a mammogram, or any other experience out of your comfort zone, may you go into it with NO FEAR, and instead with GREAT PEACE.

And to all who work in the medical field: THANK YOU!!!  I appreciate you SO much!


Author: Erica

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