This week’s free printable is another index card to help in overcoming fear, which I believe has become a series, because I am dealing with fears right now.

I have had fears that I would call ‘evil forebodings’, as I have heard Joyce Meyer call them many years ago. I would describe them as kind of vague feelings of doom and gloom and hopelessness. Quite horrible they are, and quite tired of having them, I am.

The fears I was battling this past week have to do with the recurring incidents of having people in my life who have narcissistic tendencies (look up narcissistic personality disorder), and perhaps are a sign that I need healing in these areas.

But, I realized I was getting sucked into a doom and gloom feeling about it, and I suddenly remembered: I need to fight this thing!

Kick Fear in the Teeth Free Printable

It is a horrible feeling to realize you are being taken advantage of, and then even worse if you feel that there is nothing you can do about it. I have been in situations like that many times in my life, and I will say that for at least some of those situations, it was a lie that I was tricked into believing (punished into believing, even) that there was nothing I could do about it.

I can’t say I have found all the answers yet in overcoming fear, but I am MUCH better at standing up to it and saying NO to it than I used to be. Actually there was a time in my life when I didn’t realize I could say NO to it.

But now that I know I can choose to say no to it, I will choose to say no! (Well, at least sometimes, because let’s face it, it is hard to stand up and fight at a time when you feel like you are about to crumple up and cry. Or crumple up and have a panic attack because you were blindsided by a heavy crushing blow.)

Kick Fear in the Teeth Free Index Card Printable

But in those moments when I CAN, I WILL!

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I am getting better at visualizing that I can smash this thing called fear. I can stomp on it. I can dance on it. I can kick it in the teeth.

May these cards help you remember too.  Print several.  Post them.  Look at them.  And remember.

May it become a lifestyle for me and you. To face fear in the face, and say, ‘not today.’ To look at fear in the face, and refuse to listen, refuse to see, and instead to just KICK IT IN THE TEETH.

And then to welcome and embrace the PEACE and JOY that are on the other side.

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Huge and mighty blessings to you, beautiful arrow.

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