This week’s free printable is an index card printable that I made to help me in the process of overcoming my fears. With a reference to 2 Corinthians 10:4.

Fear has been a bully to me since I was young.

I have had deliverance of some of the really bad fears I used to have, perhaps the worst was the fear of being murdered. (Long story, maybe I will share sometime.) But there are so many versions of fear, and I still battle fears, even though I survived breast cancer treatment without experiencing very much fear of dying from cancer.

I have experienced fear coming on me so quick and so strong that it felt like I was blindsided and knocked down before I knew it. People talk about ‘entertaining’ negative thoughts and all, but I know that I did not knowingly or consciously open any doors to invite this fear to come and have a visit with me.

No, my fears were not like that. I would describe it more as being punched in the face, viciously attacked with a crushing overpowering weight and then being held captive under it with paralyzation, all before I even knew what was happening or even what was assaulting me.

And then there’s the panic attacks. Mine are rather mild compared to some I hear about, but they are still disrupting to my life, disrupting my productivity, disrupting my peace, disrupting my creativity. Also disrupting my kindness and beauty. I know I am not very cute when I am all stressed out with fears!

Free Index Card Printable Download

Well…I am getting tired of all this crap!

I need to get rid of this stronghold once and for all. I don’t have the answers for the whole process of doing this yet, but my freebie this week is a little something that has been helping me to strengthen the attitude I want to have about fear.

I want to see it coming. I want to be ready to fight it, clobber it, destroy it. I don’t want to mess around with listening to what it has to say, or see what it wants to show me. And I most certainly don’t want to be tricked into letting it get close enough while my guard is down so that it can knock me over.

No, I want to tell it to SHUT UP! And I want to be ready to KICK FEAR IN THE TEETH!

Free Printable to help Kick Fear in the Teeth!

I am slowly getting better at recognizing when certain thoughts or feelings are the beginnings of a trap to get clobbered by fear. And that is the best time to Kick it in the teeth.

So, here is the free printable to remind you and me. Print out a bunch of them and post them around your house or work area. Just sign up in the box below to gain access to my Library of Resources to download this index card printable, along with all my other freebies. And to my subscribers: it’s already in the Resource Library!

And if you really love this, and would like a bigger version of it, I have a high resolution digital download 8 x 10 print version, available in my new Etsy Shop. You can frame it, or put it on a pretty clipboard for a larger reminder of the overcoming attitude toward fear. I am working on a collection of overcoming fear printables that I will be putting up in my Etsy Shop over the next few weeks.  Click HERE to see my Etsy items for sale.

2 cor kick fear 2

May you overcome your fears. May you destroy any strongholds of fear you have, that might have resulted from trauma in your life, or even been passed down to you from generations. May you tell fear to shut up. May you kick fear in the teeth. May you overcome fear, maybe just a lttle at first, but eventually, may you overcome fear in your life, once and for all.

Huge and mighty blessings to you!

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