This week’s printable is a set of two Index Card printables featuring beautiful arrows! These are sized for 4 by 6 inch index cards, so that you can put them in places easily for reminders.

Free Printables: Beautiful Arrow & Isaiah 49 Index Cards

One is of Isaiah 49: 2(b)-3, and the other is a paraphrasing of that Scripture.

Beautiful Arrow Beauty & Gifts Index Card Printable

Free Printable: Beautiful Arrow Quote Index Card

If you are reading this now, I believe this message is meant for you:

You are a beautiful arrow! You are called to release Beauty into the world with your gifts!

I truly believe this!

The first card (above) is a paraphrasing of Isaiah 49: 2(b)-3 to what this Scripture means to me right now, and the second card is the Scripture itself from the ESV (English Standard Version) Bible. It includes the alternate translation from the footnote “In whom I will display My beauty” which replaces “In whom I will be glorified.”

Isaiah 49:2-3 Index Card Printable

Free Printable: Isaiah 49 Index Card

I found this Scripture when I was looking for references of ‘beauty’ and ‘beautiful’ in the Bible. It has been very interesting and eye opening to see what the Bible has to say about that. But I see from this Scripture and the two translations that God’s glory must be synonymous, to an extent, to God’s beauty.

How wonderful and amazing is it that we are called (from the womb, no less – see 49:1) to display God’s beauty, and that we glorify Him by doing so!

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I hope you enjoy these cards, and find them useful. May they remind you of your gifts, and the beauty that you have inside of you that is just waiting to be released. May you embrace the beautiful arrow that you are. May you embrace the beauty that is released through you. May you bless the world with your beautiful gifts!

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