For the month of February, I wanted to focus on love for the weekly free printables, so here are some Valentine sticky note printable of quotes about how much God loves us! (With Scripture references)

I really believe it is hard for us to truly love others if we don’t truly feel loved by God.

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Free Sticky Note Printable - God Loves Me Quotes!



  1. Print out the PDF file on a regular piece of paper. (Make sure to notice which way the printed words are facing.)
  1. Carefully position the sticky notes within the squares.
  1. Run the paper (with the sticky notes) through the printer one more time. (Make sure to put the paper in so that it will print on the correct side of the paper and in the correct direction!)

And there you go!  HERE is the link to download.

free sticky note printable - God Loves Me Quotes


Place them wherever you need a reminder of HOW MUCH GOD LOVES YOU!

I wanted to include a version of these with all the quotes having YOU instead of ME, but I may have to wait until later this week.

Blessings to you all, and may you FEEL HOW MUCH you are LOVED by GOD!


The graphics in this printable are from:

Free Sticky Note God Loves Me Printable

Author: Erica

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