{{ UPDATE!! }}: I have NEW Free Floral 2017 Goal Setting Worksheets HERE

Cute or pretty images are always a nice addition on any paperwork I am doing, I say. Here are two floral goal setting printables that I created for myself for the new year, that you can download for free.

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This worksheet has six sections, surrounded by roses in various shades of pink peeking out in all directions, for listing goals for 2016.

Free Floral Goal Setting Printables

Some ideas for the six sections:

  • Spiritual Goals
  • Health Goals
  • Creative Goals
  • Home & Organization Goals
  • Educational Goals
  • Financial Goals

For me this year, my big six goal categories are:

  • my relationship with God
  • stewardship of me – body, mind, soul, spirit
  • my family – wife, mother, homeschooler
  • my home – meals, organization, maintenance
  • my finances – goals for a major chance in my finances this year
  • my blog

Right after I printed this sheet out for myself, before I had a chance to write anything on it, our cat Haru jumped on it and crinkled it all up! I hate my papers getting all crinkly! But she is SO cute, I had to forgive her.

Free Floral Goal Setting Printables and cute kitty!



The inspiration for creating this worksheet for listing dreams comes from the first list I made like this. A few years ago, when I was in the middle of recovering from some family tragedies and really bad depression, I really started dreaming for my life again. It all started with some inspirational videos I was watching at the time, where the speaker recommended writing down some things:

  • Things I wanted to BE in my life.
  • Things I wanted to DO in my life.
  • Things I wanted to LEARN during my life.
  • Things I wanted to SEE during my life.

So I did it. I got a blank piece of paper and wrote it out in pencil. When I first started, I didn’t have very many things to list. I was so out of touch with my dreams, I didn’t even know what I wanted to be, or do, or see or learn in my life anymore.

But I wrote the few things I could think of, and enjoyed the feeling that I might be able to accomplish some of these things. I kept it in an easy to find place and I added to it as I thought of new things.

So now I have a pretty worksheet to refine these things for 2016.

Free Floral Goal Setting Printables



Be blessed with all your goal setting and have a SWEET 2016!

May your dreams be BIG. May your visions be CLEAR. May your goals manifest into reality.

May you align with the purposes and callings on YOUR life, may you pursue all the things that only YOU can do, may you achieve all the wonderful things YOU were created to do, and may YOU spread good things to as much of the universe as possible.

Have a wonderful, beautiful, amazing 2016!

If you use these worksheets, if you like them, if you find them useful, please leave me comments below!  Also any links to any pictures!

Huge amazing blessings to you,


The beautiful watercolor floral images I used to create these floral planning worksheets are all free and and made by Anna from The Smell of Roses.   Thank you Anna!

The beautiful watercolor floral images on my pinnable image are also free and made by Angie from Angie Makes.  Thank you Angie!




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