Day 13: Fighting Cancer With Dancing

For many many years before my breast cancer diagnosis, I did not exercise regularly. There are many reasons why this happens, I think. Sometimes you are really trying the very best that you can, and yet the thing you are trying to do still just does not happen. I was in that place regarding exercise for a long time.

But interestingly, dancing started it for me. I started to dance regularly about six months before my breast cancer diagnosis. And that became a huge blessing for me. It started the ability for me to be able to exercise regularly and consistently during my cancer treatment.

I shared before about how that got started. How I jumped out of my comfort zone to dance at worship and prayer meetings at church.

When I started to do that, I found myself doing stretching exercises at home rather spontaneously, just because it felt good to move my muscles again. A little here, a little there, all throughout the day. That was pretty neat, because I wasn’t consciously putting any effort into it, it just happened.

When I was dancing in our worship and prayer meetings, I learned to just go for it. I was there to dance for Jesus. And I would ‘see’ and ‘feel’ what I should dance, and I did.

I was timid at first, because I felt self conscious and silly. But my confidence grew, especially since the other ladies weren’t just sitting there staring at me or anything. They were there to pray and worship too. I was usually the only one dancing, but we were doing this together.

And when I ‘went for it’ I REALLY DID.

I ran.

I jumped.

I stomped.

I kicked.

I stretched and arched.

I would get out of breath and have to rest sometimes. And drink water.

I sweat like crazy.

But somehow, because I was dancing, it didn’t hurt like jogging. If you are a runner, you may not relate, but running is just not FUN for me like dancing is!

When I dance, I don’t feel pain! When I dance, I feel passion!

I was often sore the next day. But a good sore.

After I got the cancer diagnosis, my dancing actually went up a notch, as I shared earlier. I danced more. I danced and flagged at every church service I went to.

Dancing was my warfare against the cancer. I was fighting for my life and for my health with dancing and flagging.

I also danced at home. Outside, late at night, under the stars. Just me and God. (And my mp3 player.)

It helped get me through my difficult cancer treatment.

May you DANCE! May you find the strength to get through your difficult times. May you find the spark to move your body. May you find the right songs or other inspiration to move your body with joy. May you receive freedom from self consciousness to move and dance.

Huge energetic blessings to you!

Author: Erica

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