After my first chemo treatment with the awful adriamycin/cyclophosphamide combination that kicked my butt, I decided I needed a present to cheer me up. A cancer present. A chemo present. I think it was a great idea.

I splurged and got myself a pair of boots that I had been wanting for years, but didn’t really have the money for. A beautiful pair of Doctor Martens in an antique floral design.

The fact that these boots are rather like combat boots was particularly appropriate I thought, since I was in a battle. And I love, love, love the beautiful flower print on the boots.

I wore them everywhere. To the store. To church. Every doctor appointment.

They became my cancer fighting shoes!

It’s funny how I can be so inspired just by something cute or pretty. But since that’s how my personality is, I may as well take advantage of it to keep myself encouraged during my cancer battle.

And it was inspiring to have something to look forward to. I ended up getting a few more cancer and chemo presents for myself. I think it is a good thing to pamper yourself a bit when you are going through hard time, if you are able.

These boots are not made of leather like most Doc Martens, and these are canvas. So they are not quite as sturdy, but that was OK with me. They come in UK sizes, so if you are doing to order them online, it may be good to get them at a place where you can return them easily if they are the wrong size. Or try to try them on at a store. I have not seen this particular color in a store, though I did see the brown color in a local store.

May you find yourself some fighting shoes, if that encourages you. Beautiful, awesome, amazing shoes that will help you fight the battle you are in. Shoes that make you happy when you look at them and give you strength when you wear them. Shoes that will keep you stable and unmoved. Shoes that will kick down barriers and oppression. Shoes that you will help you to keep going, keep going, keep going, and never give up.

Huge blessings to you.

Author: Erica

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