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So, I had this all planned out to post at the beginning of October. But then I suddenly had to move, and here it is December! Well, I think ANY month is a good time to encourage a warrior, so I will post this message anyway.

Encourage a warrior this month (even if it’s you!) with these floral motivational cards!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and also my breast cancer diagnosi-versary. I was diagnosed on October 3, 2014. I went through 11 months of treatment including chemotherapy, mastectomy, and radiation. And yes, I made it through those hard things! Yay!

But hard things have a way of coming back into our lives, no? Or new hard things. Even while going through cancer treatment, I was surrounded by hard things. I am still surrounded by some of them.

And some hard things are good hard things, the hard things that are comfort zone busters, that help us to move up in life, to expand into new areas, to grow as a person. But then you have the hard things that don’t seem like challenges to grow but seem more evil and destructive.

But I believe all hard things, in all categories, can somehow have a solution, can in someway be overcome, can by some means be dismantled. It may take a long time, and it may take many people to help you, and it may take miracles, but I believe that it is possible.

Encourage a warrior with these free floral motivational cards.

However, it is hard to stay encouraged when you are doing hard things for a long time. Believe me, I know. It can be hard to keep going. It can be hard to keep believing. I can’t say I’ve found an answer to this that always works, but I am working on learning to be able to encourage myself, and also coming up with a list and routine to do that really work.

One thing I do is try to look daily at positive quotes and strengthening Bible verses. I feel that it helps to raise my vibrations to those that are full of faith to KNOW FOR CERTAIN that I will overcome my temporary setbacks.

And it never hurts if these positive quotes are surrounded by flowers, I always say…

So, along those lines, here are my newest floral motivational cards. You can access it and everything else in my Resource Library by signing up below. I have two versions, one with the word ‘believe’ and another one with Phillipians 4:13 for us Jesus Freaks <3.

They can be printed on 4 by 6 index cards, and they come out really nice on 4 by 6 photo paper.

Encourage a warrior, even if it’s you. Print one out for yourself, and send one to a friend going through a hard time to encourage her.

Now that it is December, I have had a chance to do a few things, like create some designs on a new Zazzle shop that I opened.  So if you love this pink rose design, you can get it on quality 5×7 greeting cards, coffee mugs, throw pillows, key chains, and compact mirrors, just to name a few things.  I will be adding to this Beautiful Girl Collection, but here are a few items:

Beautiful Girl Philippians 4:13 Pink Rose Mug
Pink Roses and Scripture Encouragement Pillow
Breast Cancer Encouragement Card With Pink Roses

To see my entire Beautiful Girl Collection, click here:

To all girls dealing with hard things, know you are beautiful. And believe with all your heart that you can do these hard things. Fill your mind and heart with positive words that remind you that you can. May your faith grow big and strong, may your determination grow fierce and unwavering. May your baby steps transform into swift advances forward into major breakthrough. May your faith manifest into atoms of tangible desires. May your dreams become reality. May the painful things in your life be removed and replaced with healing. May you come to know that you deserve all the good things that your heart desires.

Beautiful girl, be blessed greatly today.

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