Even though I wasn’t battling the fear of dying from my breast cancer diagnosis, I did still have other fears in my life. Fears that seem silly when compared to facing cancer, actually.

But fears are like that. They don’t always make logical sense, especially when they start attacking you when you are very young. And they can be horrible, crushing, panic causing. And you have to fight.

I noticed one way to fight fear is with declarations of fearlessness. But it was hard to get started. When I tried to make declarations, I wasn’t able to do them very well because I felt silly doing them.

But then I discovered that for me, the un-silly and do-able way of making declarations was by SINGING!

I know this is something that has been known for many years. I am reminded of the song from the movie The King and I, ‘Whistle a Happy Tune’ a song to defy fear.

Whenever I feel afraid

I hold my head erect

And whistle a happy tune

So no one will suspect

I’m afraid

Years before I got my breast cancer diagnosis, I found two songs that got me to belt out loudly that I’m not afraid, just because that’s what the lyrics were, and I loved singing those songs. I still love singing them.

Making the declaration that ‘I’M NOT AFRAID!’, especially for someone like me who did have SO many fears, was SO good!

My songs were:

Show Me Your Glory from the cd Come Away by Jesus Culture

I see the cloud

I step in

I want to see Your glory

as Moses did

Flashes of light

Rolls of thunder

I’m not afraid!

I’m not afraid!

Show me Your glory

Here is a link if you want to listen & sing along on youtube.

Come to Me from the album The Loft Session by Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson

The lyrics actually go:

I am your anchor

In the wind and the waves

I am your steadfast

So don’t be afraid

Though your heart and flesh may fail you

I’m your faithful strength

I am with you

Wherever you go

But often I would sing it the other way around.

You are my anchor

in the wind and the waves

You are my steadfast

I won’t be afraid!

Though my heart and flesh may fail me

You’re my faithful strength

You are with me

Wherever I go

This song I was able to find chords that were easy enough for me, and I would sing while playing my daughter’s ukulele.

Here is a link if you want to listen & sing along on youtube.

If you are not a singer, then maybe just speaking and yelling declarations will be preferable. Which I do too, in addition to singing.

My favorite declarations are:

Psalm 91

Psalm 18

1 Samuel 17:45-47

Have fears in your life? Whether you speak, sing, yell at the top your your lungs (I recommend ALL three), may you not be shaken, may you not be moved, may you be able to make HUGE declarations of fearlessness!

photo credit: pippalunacy

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