This next free printable is a beautiful floral thank you card, also made of the burgundy and pink flowers that I am loving so much.

It coordinates with the envelope from the Mini Mother’s Day Card Free Printable, which was the last free printable I posted.

I needed a thank you card for the many thank you’s I am planning to send out to fulfill my Gratitude Checklist that I created back in January. I have a backlog of people I wish to show my gratitude to, and I desire to do so by sending them a beautiful handwritten thank you card. I made a list of many of these people on my Gratitude Checklist, and I am now going to implement a plan to start writing them and sending them out.

I know it is hard to be grateful sometimes, especially if you have had a series of difficulties in your life. I can relate to that. Losing income. Getting injured. Losing your home. Being diagnosed with cancer.

Beautiful Burgundy and Pink Floral Thank You Card and Envelope Free Printables!

Yet, there have always been things in my life that have been going right in the midst of so many things going wrong. And there have always been people who have been kind, or who have been so encouraging, or who have really helped me, in the midst of the difficult times.

And I want to express my gratitude to these people.

I have often been too overwhelmed with life to really thank the people that I wanted to thank. And I was always bad at fulfilling the etiquette of sending thank you cards as well, especially in a timely manner. I am not sure why I have been this way, but I hope to be different in the future, starting now.

I want to make gratitude a part of my life in bigger ways than before. I want to be quick to thank people. I want to show my gratitude in a special and beautiful way.

Beautiful Free Printable Floral Thank You Card and Envelope!

So here is the beginning of my Gratitude Project, with this Floral Thank You Card Free Printable.
May you always be grateful for something in your life. Even when your life is difficult, may you always have things in your life that ARE going well, and may you be able to be thankful for them.

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Huge and mighty blessings full of gratitude to you,

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