31 Days of Forgiveness

31 Days of ForgivenessI decided to join a writing challenge over at write31days.com.  I will be writing for 31 days on Forgiveness, starting today.

This page will be a directory of each posting, and I will add links to this page after each posting.  Just click on the day to get to each individual post.


Day 1: Why I am Writing About Forgiveness

Day 2: Forgiveness Bootcamp of Sorts

Day 3: The Beginning of Forgiveness

Day 4: Forgiving By Faith

Day 5: 3 Things That Forgiveness is NOT

Day 6:  What Forgiveness IS And What It Might Be

Day 7: Forgiving My Parents

Day 8: Reflection on a Week of Forgiveness

Day 9: I May Have to Re-Arrange My Priorities

Day 10: Forgiving God

Day 11: Forgiving Crazy Drivers

Day 12: Forgiving My Significant Other

I am taking a break from these 31 days of Forgiveness because I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I plan to continue, and complete 31 days of writing because I do have more to share about forgiveness, and I have had some big temptations to be offended even after being diagnosed.

But I feel I need to write about my experiences that I am going through right now with this diagnosis, and how my life is going to change.  As well as give myself a break from posting everyday because I have many doctor appointments right now.

Day 1 (or Day 13): Finding A Lump In My Breast


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