Bleeding Hearts: Lamprocapnos spectabilis
Bleeding Hearts: Lamprocapnos spectabilis

When I was pondering whether or not to take on this 31-day writing challenge, the topic that came to me rather quickly was ‘forgiveness’.  And I suppose it is because forgiveness has been a theme in my life for the past few years.

It was in 2010 that I became more intimate with forgiveness.  It wasn’t intentional, in that it was never my ‘goal’ to learn how to forgive, to be a good Christian, or a good person, or whatever.  Actually, it was my life situation that brought me to a place where I was willing to embrace forgiveness and the act of forgiving.

Specifically, it was illness, and my desperation to be well.  I was sick with depression, severe lack of energy, and other mysterious symptoms. I honestly felt like I was dying a slow death.  I went to the doctor and had test after test.  It was so disappointing to hear that nothing was wrong with me, because I felt terrible almost all the time.

I finally had reached a place where I was desperate enough to do anything to be well.  So I went to God.  And one of the first significant things I learned how to do, was how to forgive.

Forgiveness has become a big part of my healing process.  It changed me.  For the better.  And while I’m not saying forgiveness is the one answer to all health problems, my health really has been getting better and better ever since.

And I have found that life has become so much easier in certain ways after I learned to forgive more quickly and easily. I can let things go more quickly and easily than ever before.

It was so good for me to learn how to forgive!  It is a great skill to have.  And honestly, it was easier than I  thought it would be.

I will share different aspects about the process over the next 30 days.

Health, healing and victory to you,



Author: Erica

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