I have been very inspired by my White Wolves design that I put together recently, and have created thess Free 2017 Goal Setting Worksheets for you and me! The design is so pretty but fierce – a combination that I am loving, and encourages me to keep fighting through my difficulties.

I originally made this design for my White Wolves Collection in my Zazzle shop (which I will be introducing in another post any day now). There are many items in the shop already featuring this pretty design, including mugs, notebooks, throw pillows, t-shirts, and much more. You can go HERE to see the entire collection (which I will be adding more items to – the variety of items available on Zazzle is amazing!)

This white wolf is wearing a pink rose flower crown, and is howling in victory before a circle of black roses. When printed on paper, some of the black roses have a dark teal color, which looks really neat, in my opinion.
Free Download - White Wolf and Black Roses 2017 Goal Setting Worksheet
These worksheets have six sections to list your goals in six different areas of your life. There are 2 worksheets: one for 2017, an another just for January 2017. The one for January has lines in the boxes to help with writing. (I am working on pages for each month for the rest of the year, and will be putting them in the resource library soon. If you sign up to get access to these, I will send you notice when they are available.)

At the bottom of the worksheet I have added the words: Slay 2017 Slay 2017 Slay 2017

That is my motto for 2017. Slay.

Slay means to violently kill. Which would be quite appropriate for our problems, don’t you think? Some other definitions: to impress, delight or amuse with overwhelming force, to succeed in something amazing.

THAT is what I want for my 2017. To SUCCEED in AMAZING THINGS! With overwhelming force, even!

So let’s do this!

Free Download - White Wolf and Black Roses Goal Setting WorksheetsMay we have an amazing 2017. In the parts of 2016 that were less than even slightly good, may we find diamonds within it to cherish and be grateful for. May all trauma, disappointments, hardship, painful experiences, very very hard things, be chalked up as the things that made us stronger. May we let go of all negativity that has been dumped on us, and that we have been carrying around. And may we receive joy, strength, determination, flowing energy, fierce stamina, overflowing love, explosions of creativity, ferociously clear vision, and EVERYTHING we need to SLAY 2017.

Huge and mighty blessings to you, and NEVER stop fighting for what is important to you,

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