Here is the second set of free sticky note printables about love – this time the quotes (with Scripture references) are about how much God Loves YOU!  Let others know how much God loves them.

Free Sticky Note Printable - God Loves YOU Quotes!

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  1. Print out the PDF file on a regular piece of paper. (Make sure to notice which way the printed words are facing.)
  1. Carefully position the sticky notes within the squares. (Tip: Make sure the sticky notes lay as flat as possible.  If any corners curl up, extra ink from the printer may get on it & it won’t look as nice.)
  1. Run the paper (with the sticky notes) through the printer one more time. (Make sure to put the paper in so that it will print on the correct side of the paper and in the correct direction!)
Free Sticky Note Printable - God Loves YOU Quotes


Have fun with these!  I have been putting them in various places in the house so everyone can be reminded of God’s love for each of us.

HERE is the link.

Blessings to you and may you and your loved ones truly FEEL loved by God!

The graphics in this printable are from:

Free Sticky Note Printable - God Loves YOU Quotes!

Author: Erica

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