Forgiving Crazy Drivers

super cute car
super cute car

I have had to drive a bit more than usual this past week, due to doctors appointments and going to church as much as possible to receive prayer for my health.

I have had to drive in areas that are congested with many cars. I don’t find that a pleasant experience. I just don’t find the fun challenge and exhilaration in driving that some people seem to find.

Driving around a bit more has caused me to think about driving, and drivers, and I have found myself accumulating observations of the weird behaviors I see in other drivers. I am sure I have some weird behaviors too, according to other drivers especially, but I can address that in another post.

First of all, I see LOTS of people talking on their phones while driving, the illegal way, with their phone held up with their hand. I am surprised about this.  Do these people not know it’s illegal? Do they really feel they are above the law?  Or do they find they are not able to help themselves?

I see people texting. I sometimes want to yell at them. Actually I have yelled at someone texting on the freeway. But that was over a year ago. I don’t know that doing that is the safest thing to do, so I don’t want to do that anymore. But texting while driving is so scary to me. I wonder about that too, though. People who do that, do they find they are irresistibly drawn to doing it, even though they may know it is very dangerous?

But I have wanted to yell at some people, “STOP DISRESPECTING LIFE!”

Their life as well as other people’s lives.  And I think about why they may be doing that.

Some people seem to not be able to resist trying to be the fastest no matter what. Or, do not want to slow down no matter what. Or, maybe they have to be in front, no matter what.

And others who seem to have no concept of personal space, or of leaving enough space in front of them to stop safely.

Sometimes I find these behaviors funny.  But I also find myself wondering, can they really be that dumb? My conclusion is that, no, surely THAT many people cannot be that dumb. So it must be something else. Like, the fast paced life of the western civilized first world, or something. Maybe they really can’t help themselves to some extent.

But anyway, that makes it easier for me to forgive them.  Although now that I think about it, knowing they are dumb makes it a little easier to forgive them too.  Not that I think I am so smart, but c’mon, unsafe driving is just not smart.

I am finding I don’t like spending time being offended, and it sucks my energy, so I have decided to come up with a plan to forgive crazy drivers as quickly as possible. I have decided to make an effort, whenever I go out, to go with the intention of releasing forgiveness immediately.

I haven’t actually tried this plan yet, and I still need to work on it, but I think it’s a good idea, and I will try to implement this week.

May you have tons of ability to forgive crazy drivers everyday,


Author: Erica

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